BWR Hub and Network

Through its partnership with Hitachi-GE through Horizon, Imperial College London and support by the Welsh Government, the University established the first Boiling Water Reactor (BWR) Hub and Network. It aims to gather experts and expertise from across the UK with an interest in the science and technology underpinning BWRs. It is a multi-disciplinary network, sharing knowledge and expertise between the Universities and industrial partners.

BWRs are expected to be generating electricity in the UK by 2025, with the first located at Wylfa Newydd on Anglesey.

Activities began following an opening, technical conference in October 2016, with a strong presence from the UK's research community and Hitachi-GE. The Research Hub and Network is already enabling the academic and nuclear industrial communities of Wales and the UK to deepen and enhance both their relationships and their understanding of ABWR technology, advancing its research and future development. It examines research need and formulates projects to support ABWRs to generate low-carbon electricity for the UK and aims to springboard the UK to becoming a world-leader in ABWR technology with expertise in North Wales at its heart.