Facilities and capabilities

MERLOT – Bangor University's Materials For Energy Research Laboratory

Within MERLOT, we have a set of manufacturing and analysis hardware that will enable agile research into nuclear materials used and proposed to be used within the nuclear industry.

The manufacturing laboratory is equipped with vacuum and controlled atmosphere furnaces capable of reaching the temperatures above 2200˚C. To compliment the furnaces, we have furnished the laboratory with an inert atmosphere glove box, enabling oxygen sensitive materials to be milled and pressed into pellets as well as provision of a wet-chemistry area.

The analysis laboratory is equipped with optical microscopy capability, X-ray diffraction apparatus, Raman spectroscopy and a Hitachi TM4000Plus desktop microscope with energy dispersive X-ray spectroscopy.

MERLOT is also equipped with sample preparation apparatus to enable cutting, polishing and mounting of samples produced in the manufacture laboratory to be analysed with the techniques available to us here and with our collaborators.


Within the Nuclear Futures Institute we have access to the following software packages: