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Welcome to the Nuclear Futures Institute

The Nuclear Futures Institute at Bangor University is developing a world leading capability in nuclear science and engineering, led by Prof. Bill Lee. This will establish North Wales as a global centre in nuclear technology; fostering industrial links and opportunities and works closely with the UK industry. The Nuclear Futures Institute is also a key partner in the EPSRC sponsored Centre for Doctoral Training in Nuclear Energy Futures.

Supporting the development of new energy initiatives

With nuclear decommissioning and nuclear new-build projects on its doorstep, and an increasing number of businesses from the nuclear supply chain becoming active in the area, the University is focussing on existing and emerging nuclear power generation technologies including commercial light-water reactors and the emerging technologies including small and advanced-modular reactors.

Nuclear expertise and academic capacity at Bangor University is expanding rapidly with the appointment of international research 'stars', plus their supporting research teams, funded by the Welsh Government's Sêr Cymru programme and the European Regional Development Fund.

At a broader level, Bangor University is also developing a number of highly ambitious projects and courses in the wider energy sector with a focus on sustainable and secure energy supplies for the future.

Why we are here

Bangor University's proximity to the new Wylfa and Trawsfynydd sites, both earmarked for new nuclear projects, places it in an ideal position to develop world leading capability in Nuclear Research. With growing interest in new Small Modular Reactor/Advanced Modular Reactor technologies, and ambitions to see the Trawsfynydd site in the south of Gwynedd as a location for their early deployment, the university is well placed to support this potential development.

The University has secured a substantial funding award from the Welsh Government's Sêr Cymru programme in September 2017 (aimed at attracting international research stars to Wales), to build a world-class research team in Bangor University under the leadership of highly acclaimed Prof. Bill Lee. This will see a step-change in the University's capacity and capability to engage with the nuclear research agenda.

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A global centre of expertise

Together, these initiatives will establish North Wales as a global centre of expertise, helping to develop a new generation of scientists and engineers to tackle the urgent need for low carbon energy and energy security around the world.

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