Prof. Bill Lee

Director of Nuclear Futures Institute


Materials Academics

Dr. Simon Middleburgh


Work: +44 (0) 1248 388511
Mobile: 07380828585

Dr. Michael Rushton

Senior Lecturer

+44 (0) 1248 388665

Materials Postdoctoral Research Associates and Fellows
Dr Phylis Makurunje Post-doctoral Research Officer
Prince Rautiyal Post-doctoral Research Associate

Reactor Design & Thermal Hydraulics Academics

Dr Marcus Dahlfors Reader in Nuclear Engineering Work: +44(0)1248 38 8512
Mobile: +44(0)7784 360891
Dr Marat Margulis Lecturer in Reactor Design & Thermal Hydraulics
Reactor Design & Thermal Hydraulics Postdoctoral Research Associates and Fellows
Dr Jivan Khatry Reactor Design & Thermal Hydraulics Postdoctoral Research Associate
Dr Jinfeng Li Post-doctoral Research Officer in Reactor Design & Thermal Hydraulics
Nuclear Medicine Academics
Dr Lee J. Evitts Sêr Cymru Lecturer in Nuclear Medicine +44 (0) 1248 38 2792

Nuclear Medicine Postdoctoral Research Associates and Fellows

Dr Fiona Pearce Post-doctoral Researcher in Nuclear Medicine

Nuclear Instrumentation & Control Engineering Academics

Dr. Hafiz Ahmed Sêr Cymru Senior Lecturer in Nuclear Instrumentation and Control Engineering
PhD Students
Corey Bevan      

Mustafa Bolukbasi


Fabio Martini


Christopher Moore


Megan Owen


Gareth Stephens


Jack Wilson


MRes Students

Alexander Lin-Vines
Alexander is a MRes student that is studying high entropy alloys where he has produced a 5+ element metallic material. His work also includes studies on HEAs to allow for more control over desirable properties. Alex’s current research includes studying the neutron and ion radiation resistance of metallic 5+ element materials, he is also calculating the Frenkel defect energy of the material which will allow for greater insight on how long the material will last.

India Marshall
India joined our research group as a semester intern, investigating the feasibility of repurposing nuclear waste to break down plastic waste. This research accomplished primarily through advanced analytical techniques following experimental studies. This project was supervised by Dr Lee J. Evitts. In Autumn 2020, India re-joined the group to do a KESS sponsored MRes where she will conduct research looking at how losses can be reduced in hydraulic systems for automotive applications.

Technical and Support Staff

Dr John Thomas
John has over 20 years of research experience in academia including synthesis and characterization of solid-state materials. His capabilities extend to high-temperature synthesis, spectroscopy, electron microscopy, and various diffraction techniques. He has successfully built complex systems operating under ultra-high vacuum with samples at elevated temperatures as well as instruments operating at cryogenic conditions

David Williams
David is the Senior Lab technician within the Nuclear Futures Bangor team. David completed his MChem in 2016 at Bangor University and has a background of 4 years within the chemical industry. He is a Welsh speaker who grew up around the Bangor area.

Samuel Owen
Sam completed his integrated masters degree studying chemistry in Bangor University in 2019. Sam's final year project was a DFT based study of a boric acid dynamic combinatorial library, he also has experience with IoT systems. His role at NFI is to aid academics and students with IT.

Emily Robinson
Emily studied art and graduated from the University of Arts London in 2018, she is a Welsh speaker and local to the Bangor area. Her main duties as a clerical officer is to assist the NFI in their daily activities and offer support for Students and Staff.